Sanitizing Tunnel

Sanitization tunnel is designed to disinfecting personnel by passing through which sprays disinfectent and sanitizer to kill 99.99% of virus, bacteria and fungi.

sanitizing booth is a non contact contamination automatically control device.It restricts spreading over hazardious virus for entering human bodies & effecting respiratory system. When the occupant moves, the virus gets active to find human body for living resting on his/her body & clothing for entering the human body for being spread in respiratory system by reproductive methods. The sanitizing booth is to assassinate the suspension of the contamination viruses? particulate by exploiting them on body itself before entering the human breathing zone.By virtue of what the sanitizing booth is doing, it also reduces contamination being spread in to different communities and area by means of personel movement. The sanitizing booth works by gently transmitting a disinfctant such as IP liquid etc. over surface of an operator's body and clothes, causing the kill of the viruses stacked to the person body & clothes instead of becoming airborne & spreading to others.

Sanitizing tunnel uses mainly in

  • Hospitals entry & exists, specially atb ICU Entry & exit doors doe medical staff safety
  • Pharma companies
  • Communities main doors
  • Airports & Railway stations
  • Factories, Supermarkets, Shopping malls, Construction sites
  • Institute & Schools Main Doors
  • Bank and Hotels
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