Air Shower

Air shower is an independent air chamber introduced at the passage to cleanrooms with a specific end goal to limit the measure of particulate contaminants entering the cleanroom. Staff travel through the air shower while particulate contaminants are washed off with high speed HEPA-separated air planes. The high air speed of 4500 plus or minus 20% FPM guarantees effective cleaning activity important to expel particulate issue. Tainted air is then taken in through the base of the unit, separated, and re-flowed into the chamber.

  • Two stage filtration- EU6 and EU 14
  • SS 304 doors with double walled flush glass view panels & door closer
  • Vibration Level - Minimum
  • Air Velocities- 4500 plus or minus 20% fpm
  • Adjustable SS 304 Nozzles
  • Electro magnet interlocking systems
  • Phone: +91 7502246246
    Mon-Sat: 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
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